Stupid Wet People

Tomorrow we ditch the car and start to walk the Speyside Way from Aviemore to Buckie.

I have never done a long distance walk before, but I love walking so that part is fine. We are staying in hotels, not camping. But still, I am freaking out! My bag is tiny. I have no idea how I am going to pull this off.

Oh wait, I know. There are like a dozen distilleries to visit along the way. And several pubs, which is why this is also known as a “whisky trail,” and which is why I want to walk this trail versus all the others. I heard about the Speyside Way more than a decade years ago and this dream is finally coming true.

In the car, when we pass walkers in the rain I think, “Ha! You’re stupid and I’m warm and dry!” And starting tomorrow, I’ll be one of those stupid wet people.

If you were to walk straight through you could do it in 4-5 days, but we will want to stop at the distilleries and other points of interest. It should take about a week, give or take.

Am I crazy? Would you ever do this?

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  1. Sounds lovely to me. Hope you and Oakes have a wonderful experience.


  2. Thank you! Follow the journey (and the tasting notes) here 🙂


  3. next time, I'm ditching the car and walking that Way!


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