New! Vancouver Travel Guide

In partnership with the Matador Network, I have completed a travel guide to Vancouver so fresh the ink is still wet.

screenshot of the Matador guide

This punchy travel guide includes everything you need to get your bearings in the prettiest lil Pacific Rim burg.

You can learn all about:

Vancouver Neighbourhoods

Matador Guide to Vancouver

Vancouver Bars and Nightlife

Vancouver Eats


Matador Vancouver Guide


Day Trips from Vancouver

Vancouver Events and Festivals


Matador Guide to Vancouver


Arts and Culture in Vancouver

and Where to Stay in Vancouver

The Matador guide to Vancouver even includes handy itineraries you can use to plan a short visit.

Screenshot of Matador guide


Of course the guide also includes handy information about when to visit and how to get around.

One thing that isn’t included in the Matador Guide to Vancouver is detailed information about our superlative coffee scene…to remedy that situation, I’ve partnered with Matador to brew an upcoming article about the small-batch roasters and boutique cafes that have propelled Vancouver onto the international coffee circuit.

New Vancouver content will also occasionally appear on my travel blog Love and Barley.

See you in Van City!













3 Comments Add yours

  1. Duncan Bell says:

    This is so awesome! I’ve been waiting for you to do something like this!


  2. Richard Meyer says:

    Wow, very impressive! Makes me want to book a flight to Vanland right away. 🙂 A new direction for you Sunshine? i LIKE IT AS You’re certainly well equipped with all your past travels to pique the imagination of all the wanna go travelers. Go for it!


    1. Sunshine says:

      Well it’s not exactly a new direction for me, but glad you liked the Vancouver guide!


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