Satan Laughing Spreads His Wings

“Happiness to me is so unreal…I tell you to enjoy life. I wish I could, but it’s too late.”

“We sail through endless skies
Stars shine like eyes, the black night sighs
The moon in silver dreams
Pours down in beams, light of the night
The earth, a purple blaze
Of sapphire haze in orbit always

While down below the trees
Bathed in cool breeze, silver starlight
Breaks dawn from night
And so, we pass on by
The crimson eye of great god Mars
As we travel, the universe”

To be shut down, shut in, shut open

Turned down, around, inward

Leeward sailing, failing to make it

Raking the leaves from the dead trees of the past

I’m gassed to say the least

Getting crass, too old for my britches, are you satisfied, bitches?





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