Bitter, Sweet, and Smoky

It’s time for us to leave, and it’s time for me to whine.

Right now there is a festival going on in Bamberg called Sandkerwa (pronounced Sand-Curve-Ah).

At first I was angry that the fireworks that end the festival start at 10 PM on Monday–and we have to leave around 9:30. Seriously, what a bummer!

To top it all off it rained today and we could not go to Appendorf as we planned. Appendorf is a town with the little country brewery called Fossel -Mazour that does a Friday night music jam–not any music jam. They have a museum quality instrument collection:

Anyway, we stayed in Bamberg and got poured on and it reminded me of why I DON’T WANT TO LEAVE.

1. Beer. I know, DUH. But really, beer is more than a means to get drunk here. It’s the true beverage of the people. It’s embedded deeply in the culture. Today it rained hard, and a girl carefully covered her beer with her jacket. You can ask directions based on where a brewery is. Even though some young people don’t drink it, Franconian beer isn’t just an old man drink–it’s so damn tasty that I don’t miss (sorry folks) American barley wine. The only thing I come remotely close to craving is lambic and if you know me that should not come as a surprise.
2. People. The people here in Franconia are real. They look you in the eyes. Franconians are like hard-working hippies without the holier-than-thou. Real, good people who love life and who don’t whine about going to Turkey.
3. Lifestyle. I am going to cry when we leave because I know that the quality of life here is the best I have experienced save maybe for Netherlands (but who wants to deal with THAT weather all year? Not me).
4. Little things. Such as…compost bins. Yes, in the city. Yes, standard.
5. Freedom, security, and ethical responsibility. In most of Franconia, no one locks their bikes (try THAT in the Netherlands). Young children are independent and play freely. Dogs too. For the most part children and dogs are well-behaved. So are adults.
6. Timelessness. The confluence of modernity and tradition.

7. No McDonalds or Subway or other such in Bamberg (except train station).
8. Rolling hills. I’m a sucker for rolling hills.

What I won’t miss:

1. Kindergarten food. You know what I’m talking about. Leberkäse. If that’s not kindergarten food, then…
2….uh, uh…
3. Weather? Yeah, I’m a frickin whiner but I’m from Miami and if it’s not 80F (what is that in C, 30?) then I’m shivering. And it’s rarely 80 here. Right now it’s August and it’s 48. Yeah that’s right. 48 degrees F. But that’s what bock is for 😉

Summing it up: I love Franconia and I only hope (please send good vibes!) that Germany accepts our application for residency. We intend to come back again and again, and don’t want to leave after only 3 months. This was barely enough to get settled, and now we have to leave, and I’m very sad…

I’ve wanted to go to Turkey for a long time…that’s how much this place means to me. Sniff, f*n sniff.

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