"Little Penang"

“Little Penang” 4th floor in KLCC mall has mediocre food. I ordered the prawn set menu, which included 3 dishes one of which was not prawn but a chicken skin roll that is pawned off on all the set menus. It looked like a chicken sausage wrapped in chicken skin. I gave it a taste but it was not to my liking so I gave it to Josh, he ate it but not with gusto. We ordered Penang style rojak–a sweet-savory fruit salad not treated like dessert. This version had small pieces of squid, unripe mango, and apples drenched in molasses and some powdered peanuts. I liked it even though the molasses was intense. I can see that dish being fabulous when executed well. Then we ordered Nonya “top hats,” which are snacks/appetizers. They have a crispy dough shell the shape of a top hat, filled with various crunchy things–served cold. Reminded me of a Vietnamese snack with the fresh herbs in there but again, not well-executed at this place. The crispy part tasted too oily and the innards had little flavor. The prawn curry that came with my set menu was quite nice, rich with clove. The third dish to come with my set menu might have been my favorite thing. It was cooked shredded turnip with bits of dried prawn. The flavor was reminiscent of Japanese seaweed salad, which leads me to believe there might be sweet rice vinegar maybe? No alcohol is served. I ordered barley with lime and Josh got the nutmeg juice, which tasted too much like coca-cola to me. Total price for two about RM40 (US$15). Sorry no photos.

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