Farewell, Sun

This might be the last day we see the sun in quite some time. Certainly the last day we wear sandals. No more laksa. No more wantan mee. My parting words are this: We have been in Malaysia for 4.5 months and have barely scratched the surface of what there is to see, experience, and eat in this gorgeous country. Just last night we learned about the Malayan Emergency and discovered how much we don’t yet know about how this–one of the world’s most effortlessly multicultural nations–was formed.

Malaysians are a lot like Canadians in that they are simultaneously proud and self-deprecating. Many wonder why we like their country so much, but deep down they know. Josh and I have made a pact. It is too easy for us to return to Southeast Asia. We feel too much at home here. In 2011 we will challenge ourselves. We will decidedly NOT return to this part of the world until 2012. There are too many places we need to see to succumb to the seduction of familiarity. So, fare thee well Malaysia until 2012.

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