Josh – I lost my grandmother the other day. It was expected, as health issues had been fairly severe for quite some time, but it still leaves me with a hole. Where once I had roots, the vestiges of those roots are disappearing. One could argue that the way we live – traveling around the world staying for just weeks or months in any one place – it’s hard enough to have a sense of roots.

And it is. There are a lot of challenges to doing this whole living on the road thing. You don’t really get a chance to put down roots anywhere. We’re back in Bamberg now, where the journey basically started last summer. It’s comfortable because we know where everything is, but it’s also a little uncomfortable because it’s still not home. A fun waystation, but we’re not Germans and we’re not trying to be. We just like the beer here. And in a couple of months, off we’ll go to a new adventure, some other new crazy place.

One of the things I like about what we do is that we do get the chance to form bonds with people all over the world. Everywhere we go gets to be a home for a while, and that’s a bit different than the whirlwind sightseeing we used to do. But this whole thing has me thinking about my roots and the best ways to keep them. Technology is great, but it’s not perfect because not everybody is online as much as we are. So sometimes we have to remember to work a little harder. We still wouldn’t trade what we do for anything – it’s one heck of a way to live. Definitely a little different, just like we are.

I feel like I’ve lost part of my connection with Nova Scotia now that both of my grandparents there have passed. Of course, that had to happen, because transition is the one constant in this world. I read today that in 10 million years, long after the human race is gone, Africa will be split into two by a new ocean. Transition is constant, even if slow. Nothing lasts forever, no matter how good it is. Rest in peace, Grandma.

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  1. Todd says:

    Sorry for your loss, pal. My condolences to you and your family.

    // Todd


  2. Kristyn says:

    sorry for the loss. i wholly understand. i lost my mom's parents when i was very young and my dad's parents over the course of teens and into 20s. never easy, and it's a piece of one's heritage that is gone forever. you (and i) may continue to carry on that legacy in heritage and genes but we are not our parents or our grandparents just as they are not us.
    something i have really started to appreciate now more than ever is my roots. my heritage on all sides of the family, good bad and indifferent. it's fascinating, much as people and cultures and the passing of time is. to help at least some mom and my sis and i (with the help of our aunt) are trying to save just a bit of that in going through pics, scanning and preserving them, sharing them, tracing lineage, and all around just trying to enjoy life, treasure the moments, and appreciate the people and the ties that both bind and separate.
    best wishes to both you and sunshine. i can't think of two better people to be doing what you do. i'd like to think that you're ancestors, friends, and family would be, are proud.
    i would be 🙂


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