Thoughts of resurrecting the blog came about first in Transylvania, Romania. Not just because of the opportunity to make resurrection puns in Dracula’s homeland. I had also been quite inspired after spending almost a month in the Ukraine, which charmed my socks off. The beer was great, the people were friendly, the food was fresh, it was inexpensive, and there was lots to do including beaches and mountains.
Now that it’s Halloween, we can return to puns about the waking dead.
The urge to blog also surfaced when both Josh and I tackled Albania in a rental car. We loved the rest of the Balkans had high hopes for Albania, but found it to be an annoying and depressing country. There were so many moments when we were both saying, out loud to each other, “Why the hell did we come here?” We kept waiting to “get it,” to realize why Albania is the hot new Balkan travel destination. But it didn’t happen.
When we finally made it to the Ionian Coast we did finally realize why people actually travel to Albania. The views were some of the best in the whole Balkans: mountains towering over deep blue sea. There are some quality ancient ruins at Saranda. But it is still Albania…Thankfully you can take a ferry to Greece, which we did for the day.
Then came a whirlwind of travel from Albania to Istanbul to Dubai to Durban, South Africa. We went on a safari—technically much more than one. Saw giraffes, zebras, lions, baboons, you name it. Incredible. Also deked into a country I hadn’t before given much thought to before–Swaziland. It is no small wonder more people don’t visit that place—what a mellow, scenic, and friendly country!
And now we’re holed up in an urban loft-style flat in downtown Cape Town. Not that I’m complaining, but being in Cape Town is not about hanging out downtown. The regional scenery is staggering. Every time we rent a car and drive around, we feel super. Every time we spend days on end in the urban core, we get a little depressed. The shopping here is awful. But it’s a very mellow, laid-back city (very California in vibe) and we are generally enjoying it. The internet sucks worse than any country either of us have visited (which is about 70 countries I think) and we will not be uploading many pictures.
Speaking of pictures. In Dubai I bought a new camera: the Sony NEX-F3. It’s an interchangeable lens and powerful without being a DSLR. I love it, but it has its limitations. I am more interested now to buy my first DSLR and get even more serious about taking pictures of wildlife, especially given what’s coming next…
What’s Next?
What’s next is pretty crazy. December 16 we fly from Cape Town to Rio, where we rendezvous with my mom. After a few days in Rio we board a boat bound for Santiago, Chile. The cruise takes 3 long weeks. It sails around the tip of South America and spends a full week through Antarctica. I never thought I would be visiting Antarctica before I was 40, or before I’ve even been to Australia. 
No More Beershine?
Due to health issues, I’ve stopped drinking for the time being. So I’m sorry but there will be a lack of beer-related photos and entries over the next little while L

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