Have Your Cape, and Eat it Too!

Cape Town–all of South Africa, really–is filled with fresh food. You won’t find much in the way of imported produce or processed foods because the country is too far removed from the rest of the world, and too well-endowed with yielding lands to bother messing with what already works.

One of the highlights of Cape Town is The Old Biscuit Mill market every Saturday morning.

Mushroom skewers 

I normally do not like chorizo but these I like, so that is saying something.

 Every Thursday there was a fresh market right near our downtown apartment. It attracts a lot of office workers on their lunch break.

We went to the Langa township, which is an old apartheid suburb of Cape Town. There was not much food in Langa, except for the goat heads and these stall selling low-grade fast food.

On the Garden Route, towards Eastern Cape, we ate really well! There is a special foodie joint that one must visit–a cheese maker who prepares a fresh cheese-only lunch feast. But you must call ahead of time! There is no website or anything. It is for die-hards only.

The name of the place is Fynboshoek Cheese. An Eat Out entry is here if you want the number. It is well worth a visit if in the Garden Route. Probably a must if you are a cheese head or a foodie, or love the romance of driving on a dirt road to a cheese farm where a Tuscan/Provencal-type farmhouse warmly welcomes you with huge platters of both goat and cow cheeses. There were a total of 10 different cheeses! We had two types of chevre (one served warm as appetizer, and one below in the middle with pepper on top. best chevre i’ve had in a long time! fluffy texture). There were two intense, aged goat cheeses. We had a large salad with hard shaved goat pecorino type. There was fresh mozzarella made that morning served as Caprese salad, and a fresh ricotta made from the same base served with honey for dessert. Also there was a memorably good smoked provolone, as well as two cow’s milk farmer cheeses, one in cheddar style. The rosemary foccacia was made in house too, and I wanted more but was too full.

The restaurant scene in Cape Town is very unpretentious overall, which is great. Our last dinner was at the reputable Myoga restaurant. They have a 7-course taster menu for only 265 rands (less than $30). 

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