The Whisky Way Prologue: A journey of 80 miles begins with a wee step.

The car license number was FR13XXU. Read as “Friday the 13th Juju.” And a good juju it was. Brand new, fancy transmission, good on mileage. It got us from Southampton to Bath, Bristol, Oxford, Cambridge, York, Edinburgh, Inverness, Findhorn, Orkney, and Skye. A grand total of 2556 miles in one month.

Today we left the Golf with its Europecar owners to start a journey purely on foot. Except for this first leg. The walk technically begins in Aviemore, but we had to walk from Europecar to the bus station in Inverness; it feels like we have officially begun.

I have put all I need for the week into my wee purple bag. Because purple is best. We won’t walk 2556 miles, just 65-80 or so.

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