Could I do it on a couch?

Some people’s eyes light up when they talk about couch surfing. It’s easy to see why. The idea of meeting new people and having a readymade host is great in theory, and it helps cut costs on accommodations. This woman’s book makes it look fascinating.
I wish we were the type of people who were into a more intensely social travel experience, but we are not. We prefer to punctuate privacy with occasional social stimuli, rather than the other way around. I don’t even like staying at friends’ houses.
I do get bored easily. I’m one of those typical introverts who goes big and then goes home. I like a big party, followed by long periods of silence. When I go out, I wear my extrovert hat and prefer bars that are social to those that are snooty.
What I can’t deal with is being constantly surrounded by people, as in a hostel dorm or a home-stay accommodation. There are some exceptions, of course, like guesthouse On the Corner in Kolomyya, which really showed us a good time by filling up a one-gallon pickle jar with beer from the beer tent across the road. It was a social experience at On the Corner, but the atmosphere was magical and stress-free. It was also located in the town where my ancestors were from, so that might have made me feel more like I was on home turf.
At On the Corner, Kolomyya
At On the Corner, Kolomyya
It seems like we are in the minority of travelers, who, based on your blogs, love people.
What kind of traveller are you? What is your level of people-orientation?

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