Photo Essay: Cape Town’s Food Markets

Trade embargo and economic isolation can have a positive effect on a nation, if its land is fertile and its people resourceful with food. South Africa has evolved a distinct and rich food culture characterized by an unselfconscious locivorism. The food in South Africa reflects necessity and pride, not trendiness, although in Cape Town hipster panache does fuse with down-home goodness. Nearly every ingredient, from the butter to the beer, has been handcrafted. It makes for a superlative eating experience, especially when paired with the social flavor of the surroundings. Most of these photos were taken at the Old Biscuit Mill, a thriving public market held every Sunday in Cape Town.

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  1. Ooooh yum, that looks awesome and delicious! I love handcrafted food and that looks great.


    1. Sunshine says:

      Thank you Sharon!


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