And…Back to Travel (Remember That?)

After a few posts more drink-related than travel-related, I thought I’d fill you in on the latest travel news on our agenda. That and, I’m tired of people asking when we’re going to leave and where we’re off to next. So much for a relaxing year-long staycation in Vancouver.

We, my friends, are going to two places I have never been soon: the Canadian Rockies in July and Hawaii in September. Lest you think these trips sound rather drab, I will assure you nothing ever seems drab for me. In fact, it’s often the places closest to home that seem the most foreign (I’m lookin at you, Perry, FL!). Hawaii is another country as far as I am concerned. And Alberta? Well, I’ve never seen a real cowboy. Or live country music. The Calgary Stampede sounds pretty exotic to me. A little scary, even (though nothing nearly as frightful as Perry, FL, I’m sure).

We’ll keep you posted on the details. Yes, there will be beer involved. It might not always be good beer, but beer nonetheless.

Meanwhile, lots going on in Vancouver these days. We’ve got the dragon boat races, a white party to celebrate the summer solstice, a few live music concerts, and a Cirque du Soleil performance. And I should really be filling you in on Vancouver Beer Week.

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