Spoiled Brat Tourists

We’ve all been disappointed. A hyped movie wasn’t what we expected; a vouched-for restaurant’s food seemed bland.

It happens with places too. A few places I’ve been didn’t live up to my expectations, though certainly not as many places as surpassed them.

One thing I would never ever do is stoop to the level of these self-entitled brats.


Most people dream of visiting these locations. I have, and there are a few on this list I’ve yet to hit. Yet all these tourists want to do is bitch. The tower of Pisa is “lame,” Pompeii is “lame,” Jamaica has no “nature or culture,” and my favorite, Stonehenge is “hours from London!”

I know, right? What were the druids thinking?

Business Insider, unless they’re being facetious, deserves a slap on the wrist for now referring to these global landmarks as “locations you’ll never want to visit.”

It’s more like “people you’d never want to travel with.”

The world is becoming more crowded, and I wish people like these would just say home and look at the Great Pyramids on the Discovery channel. Because if an aggressive vendor is enough for you to become embittered, you’re what’s “lame.” Not the place.


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