Seeking to be plausibly ordinary? Get a Canadian passport.

I have two passports, an American one and a Canadian one. Thank goodness, now I know which one to flash when I’m on espionage missions. Canada’s is the passport of choice “for spies, state-sponsored assassins, terrorists and just about anyone else seeking to be plausibly ordinary across a range of languages, ethnicities and religions.”

However, the Canadian passport also ranks only 7th on the Passport Power Rank Index. The index ranks passports according to a “Visa Free Score,” or how many countries you can visit without a visa. Other countries that rank 7th include Malaysia and Greece.

The top scores go to the USA and the UK. Americans and Brits can visit 147 different countries without needing a visa. At the bottom of the list are the Solomon Islands, Sao Tome & Principe, Myanmar, South Sudan, and the Palestinian Territories. A strange mix.

The Passport Index by Location listing is delightfully addictive, with images of almost all 190 passports and their power ranks. Someday I hope to get a third passport. Then I’d really feel like Mata Hari.


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