Visitor Shows Up to Brewery Wearing Shorts

An opportunity to laugh at the incident at GAB:

Things got hairy at the Guinness-Anchor-Berhad (GAB) Brewery near Kuala Lumpur Thursday, when a foreigner named Joshua Oakes showed up for a GAB Brewery tour wearing a T-shirt, shorts, and mandles–men’s sandals. The rest of his group was all wearing appropriate attire.

“I don’t know, I just threw some clothes on,” Oakes said. “Most of the brewers I know wear shorts. Some of them even in the winter. I didn’t think it was going to be a problem.”

The casual outfit has become common among local and foreign men over the past century. Oakes claimed that he would have gladly worn traditional Malaysian garb, such as a batik sarong, if he had been told to do so.

“Nobody at Guinness said a word about there being a dress code,” claims Oakes.

Officials at the GAB defended their employees. “Foreigners who have poor fashion skills should not be enabled. I am not impressed with what these people are wearing, except maybe for the Italians,” claims one of the managers at GAB, who wishes to remain anonymous.

Another GAB official, who wishes to remain anonymous, agrees. “We at GAB have an image to maintain. The last thing we want people to think is that we condone this sort of behavior. What do you think this is, a common tavern?”

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