Lost and Found in KL

I left my camera in a restaurant the other day. Because I like to take photos of good food, I had it out and on the seat next to me. My purse was there also and when we got up to leave, I took my bag assuming the camera was inside. I realized it after we got home.

It embarrassed me that I could be so careless. I mean, I can’t count the times I’ve had my camera out in bars and been drunk and still remembered to put it back in my purse! And here I am stone sober and forgetting it.

Also, I did not know the name of the restaurant. I didn’t even know the name of the neighborhood it was in. Our landlord Sam took us to one of these out of the way places that only locals know about. I really did not like having to call him to ask for a favor right after he picked us up at home and treated us to a special lunch. It’s not like the restaurant was near by–and it’s certainly nowhere near where he lives in the suburbs.

When I called Sam, he offered to phone the restaurant and called me right back saying yes, it was there! Without me having to ask, he said he would fetch it for me. I was thrilled when he would bring it over tomorrow. Ten minutes later he called back. “Are you in the apartment now?” I was. “I have your camera. I’m bringing it over.” I was jumping for joy, I really couldn’t believe it.

When he delivered the camera he said he took some photos of the owner and the outside of the restaurant. I was thrilled, because now I have a memory of the incident and the people who went out of their way to help. This was good karma in action.

And now I can share the mouthwatering photos of the food the three of us shared. We had five dishes including fish curry, prawn and squid in house special sauce, chicken wing, green veg in belacan sauce and even Chinese-style schweinhaxen (pork knuckle). Everything was super tasty, and now thankfully I have the pix. I will never forget this. Cheers to kindness.

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  1. Kristyn says:

    wow…i'm drooling just looking at the pics. especially the curry; i have a super soft spot for anything curry 😀


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